The Parker Brewery - A Micro Brewery based in Southport | Beers
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Our Beer Range
  • Centurion Pale Ale 3.9% abv – A light dry refreshing ale.
  • Dark Spartan Stout 5.0% abv – Roasted coffee and chocolate.
  • Barbarian Bitter 4.1% abv – Traditional, smooth caramel.
  • Viking Blonde 4.7% abv – Fruity and flavoursome.
  • Saxon Red Ale 4.5% abv – Warm and fruity.

Limited editions

We are also developing two seasonal ales which will be limited editions – one for winter and one for summer.

Barbarian Bitter bottle


A traditional English ale, golden amber in colour with notes of caramel. Smooth and well balanced, an easy drinking ale.


Food Pairings:

This bitter is ideal with roast dinner dishes; chicken and pork, grilled lamb. Why not try it with chocolate bread pudding!

bottle of centurion pale ale


A light refreshing ale with zingy zesty fruit flavours. A crisp and dry ale with a hoppy finish.


Food Pairings:

A fantastic beer to go with food.  The crisp dryness cuts through most sauce flavours. Try it with Thai Curry, Fish and Chips or even lemon custard tart!

parker brewery dark spartan stout


Hints of chocolate and coffee and is silky smooth. Think bonfire night and treacle toffee.


Food Pairings:

As this stout is full of flavour match it accordingly with food, try it with smoked goose, bbq beef or even dark chocolate truffles.

The Parker Brewery viking blonde bottle

Viking Blonde 4.7%

A delightful blonde ale with subtle hints of blackcurrant leaf and red summer berry fruit flavours, with a refreshing full crisp finish.


Food Pairings:

Goes well with all food. Try it with spicy bbq chicken wings, roast belly of pork or even strawberry cheesecake.

Saxon Red Ale

Saxon Red Ale 4.7%

A moreish, smooth malty ale packed full of warm fruit flavours, with
a subtle hint of spice on the finish.


Food Pairings:

This dark red ale is designed to be drunk on its own, but also goes great with food. Try it with confit of duck, roast beef or even a good strong cheddar.